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At Dooka, we see the many challenges facing African trade, and Africans’ desire and determination to make Africa a global leader.

We all know that the status quo isn’t good enough. The future of a new generation of trading is not pushing more paper faster. It is the elimination of paper and red tape. It’s embracing the digital revolution to ensure that orders are received faster, goods get shipped faster, invoices get sent instantly, and suppliers get paid faster – with transparency across the entire process.

Dooka is going to power this transformation across the African continent. In 2021, our founders came together to pair deep local know-how and leading international technology to change the way that corporations buy across the African continent. We have a vision of a digitally connected Africa where buyers and sellers can be part of this trade transformation.

We believe that African procurement can be a force for development, a force for change, a force for growth.

Meet the team

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With a career built on making a difference, Sam has a passion for driving progress and development across Africa. As a management consultant at BCG, he has advised MNCs, African governments, and development agencies, making an impact that spans the continent. When he's not leading our team to success, Sam is an avid fan of cricket and squash with a particular interest in science fiction novels exploring futuristic worlds and technologies.

Sam Oppenheimer

Chief Executive Officer

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Our financial mastermind with a strategic vision for driving growth and innovation has over 15 years of experience under his belt. With his significant operational experience, he was previously Group CFO for a Pan-African urban development platform. Artem's love for chess runs deep, but when he's not plotting his next move on the board, you can find him overseeing budgets and managing transactions to keep our company thriving.

Artem Gurevich

Chief Financial Officer

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The technology leader you can count on to take your business to the next level. With 20+ years of experience, he has participated in numerous Procure-to-Pay, Source-to-Pay, and B2B marketplace projects for large corporations, leaving a trail of success in his wake. When he's not leading our technology team to new heights, Gokhan can be found indulging in his love for model kit building, particularly of science fiction characters or exploring the depths of the ocean with his love for diving.

Gokhan Yazici

Chief Technology Officer

About Us 9
Our superhero of customer support - Nomcebo is a pro at solving problems and staying cool as a cucumber in the face of chaos. With a love for people and learning, there's nothing she can't handle! With Nomcebo on our team, we know that our customers are in the best hands possible. In her free time, she enjoys art and music, hiking in the great outdoors or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Nomcebo Shange

Operations Support Executive

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With a passion for driving revenue growth in Africa, Renier brings over 15 years of experience leading sales teams in and around Africa. He is an expert in selling Financial Technology and Enterprise Solutions, and a trusted consultant in the industry. When he's not closing deals, Renier is a metal detecting maverick and amateur astronomer extraordinaire who loves exploring the great outdoors!

Renier Linde

Head of Sales

About Us 13
Our HR magician who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her colleagues are supported and the organization is thriving. With nearly a decade of experience in both startups and a Fortune 500 company, Ruks knows the ins and outs of finding the perfect fit for any team. When she's not crafting the perfect job description or sorting through CVs, you can find her perfecting the art of baking delicious treats or embracing the challenge of a Sudoku game.

Rukshani Fernando

Human Resources Manager

About Us 15
Our digital transformation wizard - Lesedi is an integral part of our team building Africa’s B2B marketplace. With 30+ successful implementation projects and experience working with Fortune 500 companies, our expert is ready to help you streamline your business processes and achieve maximum efficiency. Don’t be surprised to see Lesedi in a marathon, his passion for running knows no bounds as he loves nothing more than pushing himself to new limits.

Lesedi Nchabeleng

Professional Services Manager

About Us 17
Dedicated to driving sustainable growth with his expertise in understanding and managing consumer and retailer demands, Ryan has a passion for all things procurement. He started his career in retail consulting but quickly transitioned to formal retail procurement, where he thrived on the challenge of global sourcing in the formal retail sector. Ryan loves his hobbies, including street photography, Jiu-Jitsu, riding his motorcycle and getting an adrenaline rush from MotoGP and F1 racing.

Ryan Quirk

Head of Marketplace Operations

About Us 19
Passionate about creating innovative solutions that meet client needs, Modisha is a mastermind in managing projects through requirements gathering, process modeling and system design with a customer-oriented mindset. When he’s not turning ideas into reality, Modisha can be found enjoying a variety of outdoor hobbies including running, hiking, and traveling to new places. He also has a keen interest in staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technology advancements.

Modisha Maribe

Project Manager

About Us 21
With a career spanning over 25 years, Duncan is a natural leader with a talent for managing cross-functional global teams and partners to deliver transformative solutions for enterprise customers. With a knack for building strong relationships and leading customer value teams to develop cutting-edge technologies, he knows just what it takes to help companies reach new heights in today's digital landscape. In his free time, Duncan loves spending quality time with his family, cultivating his love for all things chili, collecting vinyl records and taking in the scenery on a long cycling ride.

Duncan Burley

Head of Project Management Office

Dooka has been built after an extended journey working with B2B procurement

In 2005, our tech platform started as an e-invoice network for the Danish government called EasyTrade (which is still used by 95% of Danish businesses today)

In 2010 the founders formed Tradeshift which has now processed over $1 trillion in transactions in over 50 countries for leading global corporations that include Unilever, DHL and Volvo

Licensed from the same technology, Dooka was born. Dooka expands the platform to a full B2B Marketplace made specifically for the African continent.

Enterprise control

Pairing the intuitive buying experience of consumer marketplaces with the controls and integration that enterprises need.

Indirect spend expertise

Focusing on indirects (e.g. laptops, chairs, tables) where enterprises have the most to gain from marketplaces.

Top procurement tools

Giving enterprises access to best-in-class efficiencies, transparencies and savings for indirect procurement.

The technology platform - Tradeshift


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Dooka is built on the world leading Tradeshift platform. Tradeshift is a market leader in e-invoicing and accounts payable automation and an innovator in supplier financing and B2B marketplaces Since its inception, Tradeshift has grown to process over $1 trillion of B2B transactions and become a platform of choice for digital procurement. Currently, the platform is used by multinational companies such as Unilever, DHL and Volvo. Dooka has an exclusive license for a B2B marketplace for Africa from Tradeshift. This license comes with integration, development, onboarding and tech support

Our Investors - Oppenheimer Family

For five generations, the Oppenheimer family has been involved in business in South Africa. The family originally ran Anglo American and then De Beers. However, since 2012 the family has reimagined their presence in Africa and remains committed to building successful enterprises and earning profits in such a way as to make a real, lasting and permanent contribution to Africa and beyond. Dooka was directly financially supported by Jonathan and Nicky Oppenheimer

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