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Dooka has been built after an extended journey working with B2B procurement



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Procurement is changing

B2B online marketplaces are transforming global indirect procurement

 Africa is ready. The future of a new generation of procurement is not about pushing more paper faster. It is the elimination of paper and red tape. It is the embracing of the digital revolution to ensure that orders are received faster, goods get shipped faster, invoices get sent instantly, and suppliers get paid faster – with transparency across the entire process.

What do you have to gain?

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Bringing efficiency to the next level

  • Gain digital efficiency without the SaaS fees
  • Utilise end-to-end digital procure to pay process with faster payments and fewer errors
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Transparency to build trust

  • Watch the live status of transactions with embedded chat for collaboration
  • Track spending through real-time dashboards and advanced analytics
  • Ensure integrity in sourcing and procurement processes
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Saving you money

  • Reduce procurement costs by outsourcing indirect purchasing
  • Use marketplace purchasing power to get the best pricing
  • Better strategic sourcing compliance
  • Reinforce and automate strategic procurement mandates
  • Make it easier to buy from the right strategic partners

Supporting Strategic Initiatives

Making it easier to buy indirects from target businesses

● Platform-based controls to spotlight either local businesses, SMMEs and/or women-owned businesses
● Continuous Dooka-led campaigns to guarantee SMMEs, women-owned businesses in every category of spend

Reinforcing and automating strategic procurement mandates

● Back-end restrictions in place to enforce local procurement mandates (we do not set but we can enforce mandates)
● Easy, transparent monitoring of current programmes and spend through the Dooka platform

Developing strategic supplier capability to be procurement-ready

● Capacity building for SMME, women-owned businesses in partnership with NGOs/Industry Associations
● Accreditation support for ISO 9001, BBBEE, ISO 27001 and others for suppliers with partners

Providing working capital/digital systems to strategic suppliers e.g. local suppliers

● Helping suppliers to apply for working capital to open access for SMME, women-owned businesses
● Digital catalog management and e-invoicing tools for local SMME, women-owned businesses


Dooka does not charge Buyers who want to use Dooka to purchase goods or services. If integration with ERP systems is required, there will be a one-off integration charge.

The Dooka marketplace is ideal for the purchasing of Indirect spend also known as tail, non-core, or non-strategic spend (e.g. Laptops, Stationery, Facilities Management Services etc.).

Yes, with Dooka both goods, as well as services, can be purchased on the marketplace.

Dooka integrates into ERP systems and procurement and sourcing systems. The level of integration varies depending on buyer requirements.

Dooka’s platform has previously integrated with all major ERP systems including legacy versions, this includes but is not limited to SAP (all versions), Oracle (on-premise and Fusion), Microsoft Dynamics, Sage X-3 etc.

Enterprises will have access to three sets of suppliers that are pre-qualified for procurement - Suppliers who supply you currently plus suppliers of other large corporations that buy using Dooka plus Suppliers sourced by Dooka independently that meet your sourcing standards.

Dooka has a dedicated team that vets suppliers and enforces best-practice standards. Further suppliers are qualified to comply with your requirements (e.g. on Sustainability, on BBBEE, etc)

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