Services for Sellers

Build new digital connections
with more corporates at no cost

Increased sales

● Gain access to multiple, leading corporate buyers ● Expand your sales pipeline with no additional marketing spend

Increased efficiency

● Gain digital efficiency without the SaaS fees
● Access a range of digital apps to support selling

Faster payment

● Utilise end-to-end digital procure to pay process with faster payments and fewer errors
● Reduce time spent chasing payment from buyers

Fewer Errors

● Automate data entry and avoid manual time consuming issues
● Reduce the time spent on phone/email with buyers sorting issues out

the benefits

What do you have to gain?

Services for sellers 1

Speed up your processes

  • Sellers get best-in-class digital systems at no cost
  • Automatically generate digital invoices, manage digital catalogues and digitally track all metrics
  • Dooka provides unparalleled efficiency gains to make selling easier than ever before
Services for sellers 3

Check your compliance

  • Dooka helps sellers to discover what they need to sell to Africa's largest buyers
  • Quickly understand buyer’s compliance requirements and fix missing documents and procedural challenges
  • Dooka provides direct updates to help make your business procurement-ready
Services for sellers 5

Track your business

  • Sellers get immediate invoice status updates and notifications
  • Quickly chat with your buyers, eliminate time-consuming phone calls to check about payment statuses
  • Dooka provides updates about your business anytime, anywhere and on any of your devices


Dooka will charge nothing to Sellers until 2024. A small charge per transaction will be introduced after 2024, however the Sellers can cancel their participation at any time if there is no perceived value in participating.

Any products or services that buyers are likely to purchase on a marketplace. This usually means their Indirect spend categories.

Yes, with Dooka both goods as well as services can be sold on the marketplace.

Sellers will be able to sell to any buyer on the marketplace, provided that they meet that buyer’s standards for procurement. These standards will be transparently displayed for all buyers

Dooka provides a service to all of its sellers to help them to start transacting on a digital marketplace. This can include improving qualification criteria, preparing digital catalogues and making your products more accessible to buyers.

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