The Right Contact

One of the biggest benefits of the B2B market is that it puts buyers and sellers in contact with each other. This means that buyers can have access to a wide range of products and services, as well as connect with a large number of potential vendors.

In the supply chain industry, having the right contact is everything. Your contacts help you get the best deals and the best quality. But what if there was a way to always have the right connections? What if there was a place where you could list and compare all contacts, past, present, and future?

Well, there’s good news: A B2B marketplace can do all of this for you! Plus, there are many additional benefits. 

Benefits for Buyers 

As a procurement professional, you know that finding the right supplier can be a time-consuming process. It’s not always easy to find the right supplier, and it can be even more difficult to make sure they have the right products at the right price.

That’s where an online business-to-business marketplace comes in! A B2B marketplace is a great way for companies to ease their procurement process.

Here are four reasons why an online B2B marketplace is the perfect solution for your procurement needs as a buyer:

1) It helps you find suppliers efficiently.

A marketplace like Dooka allows you to connect with a wider range of suppliers in a shorter amount of time and with less effort than traditional methods. Need to find suppliers for a new product category or for a new service? No problem, a B2B marketplace gives buyers access to thousands of products and services over numerous categories spanning multiple regions.

2) It allows you to establish and manage relationships with suppliers online. 

Second, the marketplace allows you to keep track of all your transactions in one secure space.  Suppliers on the Dooka marketplace have all been vetted according to strict industry standards, so no matter where your supplier is located, you can be confident that you are dealing with a supplier that can deliver.

3) You can get competitive pricing from multiple suppliers all at a glance

Third, online marketplaces by nature promote healthy competition among suppliers. Each supplier offers their best products and services at the best price to ensure they get the business from large buyers. Price transparency is a natural occurrence and ensures every supplier keeps their pricing and catalogs up to date. On a marketplace like Dooka, buyers can engage with suppliers in the secure chat function to start price and volume negotiations to secure an even better price than previously advertised. 

4) It makes it easier to find suppliers who meet your procurement mandate criteria. 

Through Dooka, buyers have access to thousands of different suppliers from all over Africa. Companies can filter vendors by exactly what best suits their individual needs, including any location preferences or ESG and special interest group requirements. 

Benefits for Sellers 

Through a B2B marketplace, sellers get an opportunity to digitise their offering and can now reach numerous major buyers, all through one low-cost channel. With the Dooka marketplace, suppliers can access a user-friendly online interface that makes it easy to list and maintain their product offering and even run product or service-specific promotions to increase sales. 

Vendors can save time and effort by getting their products and services in front of the right people more efficiently, as they are already there on the site looking for what you have to sell them. The community, meanwhile, benefits from access to a large array of products. Platforms like Dooka make it easier than ever for small business owners to sell their goods online and get more eyes on their products. 

Another benefit for sellers who transact on a B2B marketplace is the digital purchase order and invoicing process. Sellers can say goodbye to rejected invoices and say hello to faster payments from the buyers’ accounts payable team. Suppliers on the Dooka marketplace will in future benefit from additional value add services like financing and logistical services, to name a few.

Benefits for All

Marketplaces offer a win-win situation that helps increase the efficiency and transparency of transactions between buyers and sellers. The internet has made it easier to bring traditional and complex procurement processes online. More entrepreneurs than ever are taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by online B2B marketplaces and are already benefiting from their scalability.

B2B marketplaces connect businesses with one another, enabling them to make more efficient, transparent, equitable, and sustainable transactions. For example, B2B marketplaces can help reduce the risk of fraud by increasing transparency and including built-in vetting processes. Marketplaces also help vendors and buyers find each other, which saves time that would have been spent on more traditional and tedious methods (like cold calling for multiple quotes back and forth or networking at trade shows). Meanwhile, B2B marketplaces allow buyers to browse an array of products and services from multiple vendors without sacrificing quality control or regulatory compliance. In short, Dooka combines all the efficiencies of an eCommerce website with the corporate controls required by large buyers, to simplify even the most complex procurement process.